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TTF, TURKIC STATES: is a trade fair and forum supported by governmental institutions of 8 countries aiming to develop trade, industry, investments, technology, and services among Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Turkmenistan, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and to facilitate the marketing of such services to other regions of the world.


will be organized in Istanbul between 7-9 November 2024 in Istanbul Exhibition Center with the organization of ROK Uluslararası Danışmanlık A.Ş., with the support of Ministry of Trade of T.R.


The purpose is: To create synergy by gathering businesspeople of Turkic States under one organization and to build commercial bridges with international partners.

To develop trade, industry, investments, technology, services, and other economic fields among the Turkic States.

To ensure the exchange of development experiences of the countries in various fields with other countries.

To exhibit the rich cultural heritage, entrepreneur sprits, and economic powers of Turkic States on a huge platform.

To conduct studies to facilitate trade and promote investment in the Turkic world. To enable businessmen to share their knowledge and experience with each other and to support each other’s development.

To increase the production and trade of producers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, and exporters businessmen together.

To present new market opportunities to national SMEs, micro manufacturers, and entrepreneurs; to provide an opportunity to reach different markets by integrating with regional and global production chains.

To provide a possibility to discuss problems, solution proposals, and other up-to-date
issues of business people with specialist speakers in detail via conferences to be held.

To enable companies to establish international partnerships and strategi partnerships through bilateral business meetings to be organized.

To create common brands of Turkic States.

To contribute to the expansion of brands abroad through franchising meetings to be

Sectors of Turkic World

Energy And Green Energy

Mineral Industry

Defense Industry

Construction Sector

Tourism And Services

Information Technology


Household Appliances

Transport and Logistics




Electrical Equipment




Machine Manufacturing

Health Care Services

Education and Consultation

Law and Mediation

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GDP : 905,5 Billion $GDP per Person : 10,618.25 $Trade Turnover : 617,9 Billion $Export : 254.2 Billion $Import : 363.7 Billion $Regional Trade Turnover : 18.3 Billion $Annual Growth : 5,6 %
EXPORTVehicles, machinery, iron steel products, knitted and woven clothes, electrical and electronic instruments, fuels, pearl and valuable stones.IMPORTFuels, machinery, vehicles, Electrical and electronic tools, vehicles, iron steel products, etc.
GDP : 177,8 Billion $GDP per Person : 17,301.22 $Trade Turnover : 307 Billion $Export : 106 Billion $Import : 158 Billion $Regional Trade Turnover : 3.9 Billion $Annual Growth : 4,6 %
EXPORTMachinery and transport equipment, electrical battery, telecommunication products and animal farming, chemicals, equipment, consumption goods, agricultural ready wear, textile, iron-steel and wineIMPORTMachinery and equipment, other products, fuels, electricity, plastics, medicine, iron and steel, etc.
GDP : 78,6 Billion $GDP per Person : 6,826.43 $Trade Turnover : 56,1 Billion $Export : 41,7 Billion $Import : 14,4 Billion $Regional Trade Turnover : 4.7 Billion $Annual Growth : 4,6 %
EXPORTFuels, solid and fluid oils, vessels and boats, sugar and confectionery, fruits and nuts, etc.IMPORTMachinery, vehicles, iron-steel products, electrical and electronic tools, cereals, etc.
GDP : 219,3 Billion $GDP per Person : 11,439.51 $Trade Turnover : 134,4 Billion $Export : 84,4 Billion $Import : 50,04 Billion $Regional Trade Turnover : 12.4 Billion $Annual Growth : 3,2 %
EXPORTFuels, steel and iron, scum and ash, copper, chemicals, cereals, etc.IMPORTMachinery, electrical and electronic instruments, fuels, iron steel products, vehicles, etc.
GDP : 10,7 Billion $GDP per Person : 3.843 $Trade Turnover : 11.8 Billion $Export : 2,2 Billion $Import : 9,6 Billion $Regional Trade Turnover : 3.5 Billion $Annual Growth : 7 %
EXPORTPearls and valuable stones, fuels woven clothes, vegetable, milk products, fruits and nuts, etc.IMPORTMachinery, vehicles, iron-steel products, electrical and electronic tools, cereals, etc.
GDP : 79,02 Billion $GDP per Person : 2.100 $Trade Turnover : 50 Billion $Export : 30.7 Billion $Import : 9,6 Billion $Regional Trade Turnover : 11.1 Billion $Annual Growth : 5,7 %
EXPORTGold, wholesale of pure cotton fiber, refined copper, petroleum gas and radioactive chemicals, machinery and equipment, dried fruits and vegetable.IMPORTPacked medicine ,engine vehicles; parts and accessories, refined petroleum, wheat, plastic, iron and steel, timber and cereals.
GDP : 45,2 Billion $GDP per Person : 12,499.95 $Trade Turnover : 20 Billion $Export : 12.7 Billion $Import : 7.3 Billion $Regional Trade Turnover : 3.7 Billion $Annual Growth : 6,2 %
EXPORTPetroleum and petroleum products, textile products, carpet and food profucts, chemical industry products.IMPORTMachinery, vehicles, iron-steel products Electrical and electronic tools, cereals, etc.
GDP : 1,6 Billion $GDP per Person : 14.636 $Trade Turnover : 1.4 Billion $Export : 0,107 Billion $Import : 1,3 Billion $Annual Growth : 4 %
EXPORTPetroleum and petroleum products, textile products, carpet and food profucts, chemical industry products.IMPORTMeat, fruit and processed agricultural products, machinery and equipment, energy and fuels, electricity, plastics, iron steel, etc.

Outstanding Features of Countries

Turkish States according to Order of Participation:



Largest economy in the Caucasus with rapidly growing foreign investment capacity and development of energy, construction, tourism, logistics, and services sectors.


Fast-growing economy with per capita income of over 10 thousand dollars with the most important natural resources of the Turkic world.


A country of the Turkic world that became attractive for foreign investment to increase economic stability in parallel with both agriculture and gold mines.


Owing to its economy, geographical location, and geopolitical importance, it is the Turkic state as well as the 19th largest economy in the world with the largest population, providing advantages in trade, transportation, and energy sectors.


By carrying out the most economic reforms of recent years; it is the Turkic state with a rapidly developing industry.


A member state of the EU with a mixed economy with investments in automotive, services, machinery, and technological investments.


Turkic state with significant geopolitical advantage having rich oil and gas sources that is at the beginning of economical reforms and foreign investments.


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is open for investments having the greatest share on service, education and tourism sectors.

Advantages Of Turkic World

Close communication and relations among states and peoples

+5% average annual economic growth

Strategic locations of the countries

Historical Loyalty, sharing of same language, religion and culture

Owning significant natural sources


4823.5(Thousand KM²)

Total GNP

1537(Billion USD)



Trade Volume

1192.7(Billion USD)


November 7th 2024Thursday

Opening Ceremony


Bilateral Meetings

Franchising Meetings

Expo Visits

Gala Dinner

November 8th 2024Friday


Bilateral Meetings

Franchising Meetings

Expo Visits



November 9th 2024Saturday


Bilateral Meetings

Franchising Meetings

Expo Visits


Closing Ceremony

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